Under the Bay

This gallery allows visitors to truly explore below the bay with a fully immersive experience as they walk through 300 feet of acrylic tunnels filled surrounded by schooling anchovies, skates, bay rays, and sharks.

Sea Shells

Near Shore Tunnel

Did you know that the majority of San Francisco Bay is between 10-15 feet deep? This tunnel unmasks the creatures that live in these shallow depths around the Bay. What it lacks in depth, it makes up for in breadth and diversity of species. Many animals, including various shark species, use the shallow mudflats of San Francisco Bay as a breeding and nursery ground for their pups. Animals that you will encounter in the Near Shore exhibit tunnel range from swirling schools of anchovies to a rainbow of Rockfish, bright-orange Garibaldi to the smartest animal in the Bay, the Giant Pacific Octopuses.

Sea Shells

Sharks of Alcatraz Tunnel

Explore the deeper waters of San Francisco Bay in the second crystal-clear tunnel exhibit, where sharks, rays, sturgeons, and more soar above or nestle on the sandy floor. Come face-to-fin with sevengill sharks, the largest predatory animal/shark in San Francisco Bay, and other local shark species including leopard sharks and soupfin sharks.

Bay Ecotarium