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eLearning Modules

Climate Leadership Innovation Certificate

Program Goals

  • Enable partnerships that will empower sustainable climate resilience solutions through knowledge, innovation, and transformative business models.
  • Leverage Silicon Valley technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, synthetic biology, 3D printing, and robotics to generate new environmental products.
  • Apply California’s experience and environmental influence to lead the US and the world in accelerating solutions to global water problems.
  • Create a movement through education, non-traditional partnerships, and exponential technologies.
  • Change the way of addressing environmental issues by harnessing climate consciousness of the world through water.
  • Demonstrate the consequences of in-action and the threat to national security. Investing in water creates economic opportunities, raises GDP and lifts people out of poverty.

Educational/Curatorial Internship

Description: The Educational/Curatorial intern will work alongside our Education and Conservation team to craft new educational content for and its operations. Specifically, the Educational/Curatorial intern will work to create new public programming and update existing programming by researching topics and best practices, checking for accuracy, and updating outdated content.

Eligibility Qualifications: Experience with best practices for informal/formal learning strongly preferred. Experience working with science curricula strongly preferred. Passion for science, conservation, and San Francisco Bay required. Strong written and verbal communication skills.

E-Learning Program Internship

Description: The e-learning Program intern will play an important role in increasing the number of training resources available to the BayEcotarium clientele, including teachers and students, as part of an initiative to create the Bay E-Academy. The intern will work closely with the Conservation and Education departments to develop curriculum-based learning modules from middle school through to undergraduate and or graduate levels, as part of phase 1.

Eligibility Qualifications: Coursework in instructional design, educational technology, or a related field preferred. Two years’ minimum experience working with the creation of educational material online through membership portals preferred. Experience with graphic and e-learning software (Articulate, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere or other video editing software).

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