World Oceans Day at Aquarium of the Bay

Celebrate World Oceans Day, June 8, at Aquarium of the Bay on PIER 39

  • Free admission for children 12 and under on June 8, World Oceans Day
  • Special educational programs and information on preventing marine litter
  • Beach clean-up event on June 9, at Aquatic Park, San Francisco

Aquarium of the Bay joins the United Nations and conservation organizations around the globe on World Oceans Day to celebrate the wealth and beauty of the oceans, and to encourage solutions to the dangerous problems caused by plastic pollution. Visit the Aquarium and the Sea Lion Center at PIER 39 on June 8, 9, and 10 to enjoy special educational programming, free admission for children 12 and under (June 8 only) and to help clean up the beach at Aquatic Park (June 9 only). Educational programming during this special weekend will focus on raising awareness of the importance of the oceans and will encourage visitors to find solutions to preventing marine litter. “This special weekend is a great time to take family and friends to the Aquarium at PIER 39 to celebrate the incredible marine life in San Francisco Bay,” says George Jacob, President and CEO of Bay Ecotarium/


“Ocean Lab” Special Programs

Friday, June 8, and Saturday, June 9:

  • 11:15 Red-Eared Slider encounter
  • 12:15 California Kingsnake encounter
  • 1:15 Marine Predators and the Ghosts Below
  • 2:30 Albatross Bolus Dissection
  • 3:15 Marine Predators and the Ghosts Below
  • 4:00 Blue-Tongued Skink encounter
  • 4:45 Albatross Bolus Dissection (Friday)/ 5:00 Albatross Bolus Dissection (Saturday)

Sunday, June 10:

  • 12:15 Marine Predators and the Ghosts Below
  • 1:15 Albatross Bolus Dissection
  • 2:30 Marine Predators and the Ghosts Below
  • 3:15 Albatross Bolus Dissection
  • 4:15 Marine Predators and the Ghosts Below


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2018 06 08 - 2018 06 10


Aquarium of the Bay, PIER 39
2 Beach Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
Bay Ecotarium